Monday, February 5, 2018

143 ⚓ Summer Life

*What is Featured?*
If you have the skill to change things like you want it, then this is the house for you to buy on Feb. 1st at RJD! This house is easily texture changable but be aware a lot of 3D texture work went into this house but don't worry if you screw it up, there is also the rez box again! You can change each room individual! You can have fun creating the house how you want it! Don't forget to share pictures to facebook and flickr!

*What's in the Package?*
-RJD Pool House Rez Box:
-RJD Texture Box: Box with the most used textures

*What about Animations?*
- Doors: Manage all doors with left click and slide.
- Hidden Doors: 2 hidden doors in the back!
- Windows: 2 Inner windows are sliding doors!
- Fire has a menu: Volume, Smoke, Color, Small, Medium, Large

- None

⚓ Pool House [Unfurnished] from RJD!