Thursday, January 25, 2018

137 ⚓ Pride Livin

*What's Featured?*

This house you see is the RJD Pride House! It has splashes of colors of the Gay Pride community!

*What's in the Package?*
- Pride House Rez Box: This is the house with animated kitchen and bathroom
- Pride House: The house without the furniture
- Box with furniture: All the furniture
- Pride Floor Deck: An extra wide floor deck as a replacement for the standard one
- Railing (BONUS)

*What about Animations?*
- The kitchen has 5 couple animations.
- The animated barstools has 8 single animations.
- The shower has 2 single and 2 couple animations.
- The Bath tub has 4 single and 7 couple animations.
- The bathroom sink has 2 single animations.
- Water Animations in the shower (just touch the shower head).
- Stairs have day and night versions (just touch em).
- Doors & Windows have a manager option (click and slide).

⚓ Pride House with Furniture from RJD!