Monday, July 10, 2017

41 ⚓ Rainbow Sun

Hey guys! My sponsors are awesome people to lean on when I need help. So, my computer decided to go on the fritz with the fan. So, I had to go to my non-bento head because my Catya head had white rings around the eyes and everyone I see has white rings around there bento head. I'm like this is so not gonna work for blogging. So, through trial and error I figured out my non-bento head works, for now. So, let's pray until I get my computer back that it will keep working. Hence the reason for the song above.

So, I bring you Eyelure and ultra mini dress that comes in two amazing summer colors. One is pink stripe and the other is neon. They are for mesh bodies and has classic standard size mesh in the package. So, make sure you go and pick up yours. I love mine. I hate changing out of it.

From MD Designs, I bring you a pose. This beautiful pose is called Rock On 1. There is also Rock on 2 in the set. So, make sure you check out her marketplace for these awesome poses.

⚓ Head: Stella [Non-Bento] from LeLutka!
⚓ Body: Maitreya Lara 4.1 [Bento] from Maitreya!
⚓ Shape: Isabella Shape from Elle et Lui!
⚓ Skin: America [Head & Body Built in] from Glam Affair!
⚓ Hair: Kare [Reds] - May Gift from Truth!
⚓ Eyes: Sovereign Eyes [Emerald] from IKON!
⚓ Ears: Steking Ears V2 from [Mandala]!
⚓ Nails: Ballerina from Formanails!
⚓ Nose Stud: Nose Stud Set from Xia's Boutique!

⚓ Dress: Ultra Mini [Pink Stripe] from Eyelure!
⚓ Pose: Rock On 1 from MD Designs!