Friday, June 16, 2017

24 ⚓ Life2 Cooking Review

Hey Everyone, so I was chosen to do a blog about the V3 Cooking Items at Life2. I loved doing this this blog because Life2 is so much fun and let me tell you, if you didn't want to do life2 because there wasn't any medical, well let me tell you. That's the next expansion! I'm so flipping excited. So, you know this is going to be great. So, let's get on with the review of the V3 Cooking!

1. Scanner is bulky the free one, it would be hard to place in smaller kitchens. There is bred machine scanner and balance weigher scanner, so you can have a smaller scanner if you wish. You can show an hide the text which is amazing but beware chat spam ahoy when loading ingredients. Trust me! It is a bit time consuming but you can farm or do your exercising while you wait. You can also show and hide the range. It's simple and easy to use but very time consuming and primy when you rez a lot out like a 100 strawberries.

2. Scanner Helper is super cute and can be used for any decoration to any life2 kitchen. I love mine.  It works perfectly right up on top of my shelving or even by my fridge when I roleplaying putting groceries up which you can actually do this now with the scanner. You can drop them in then let them rez onto the scanner then scan them.

3. Coloring the V3s are done thru the website which you need the hex code for the color you want. So, It's a bit hard but you can have so pretty colors and even match your decor!

4. I like using it. It's very simple and easy to use. We can store things in our virtual inventory and not have to worry about our own inventory and making clutter. The new system seems very cool and I like it. It's made cooking very addicting.

⚓ Head: Catya [Bento] from Catwa!
⚓ Body: Maitreya Lara 4.1 [Bento] from Maitreya!
⚓ Shape: Catya 2 Shape from Strawberry Signh!
⚓ Skin: Gio [Jamica] from Glam Affair!
⚓ Hair: Lake [Gingers] from Truth!
⚓ Make-Up: Somkem if ya Gottem from Shiny Stuffs!
⚓ Eyes: Sovereign Eyes [Emerald] from IKON!
⚓ Tattoo: Lotus Tattoo from Queen of Ink!
⚓ Nails: LGBT from Alaskametro<3!
⚓ Nose Stud: Nose Stud Set from Xia's Boutique!
⚓ Outfit: I have to figure it out. >.>
⚓ Kitchen: Toronto Kitchen from ~Bazar~!

⚓ Kitchen Accessories: V3 Cooking Utensils from Life2!