Wednesday, May 10, 2017

2 ⚓ Only a Coke

Hello! I'm just enjoying my coke at this old western town. I'm glad they had coke back then. It's so hot. I'm just glad that this great outfit is cool enough to help while drinking a cool coke.

My pose and coke machine is from ~Zo Awesum~ at the Designer Showcase! The outfit is from all about and is boho style! You can find the slurls to both down below to get your copy today!

⚓ Head: Catya [Bento] from Catwa!
⚓ Body: Maitreya Lara 4.1 [Bento] from Maitreya!
⚓ Shape: Catya 2 Shape from Strawberry Signh!
⚓ Skin: Gio [Jamica] from Glam Affair!
⚓ Make-Up: Witchy Palette Set from Alaskametro<3!
⚓ Eyes: Realistic Mesh Eyes [Passion Blue] from LOBA!
⚓ Hair: Counting Stars [Browns] from Exile!
⚓ Tattoo: Lotus Tattoo from Queen of Ink!
⚓ Nails: Cosmic from Alaskametro<3!

⚓ Outfit: Trina [Purple] from all About...!
⚓ Pose: Coke and a Smile from ~Zo-Awesum~ @ Designer Showcase!