Saturday, May 27, 2017

12 ⚓ Power Girl

"Well, throw your hands up if you know that your a star
You better stand up if you know just who you are
Never give up
Never stay down
Girl power girl power."
Girl Power by The Cheetah Girls

 Oh Hai there! I just got this awesome shirt from Eylure! It comes with two shirts when you buy it! I have the Pink and Floral Set on right now! The pink one is so pretty! The floral is too! I think you would love it! You can get yours at the mainstore! The pose is from Pose. It's a male pose but I felt so empowered doing it. I felt like this could be a unisex pose! ;) You can pick yours up on their marketplace, below!

⚓ Head: Catya [Bento] from Catwa!
⚓ Body: Maitreya Lara 4.1 [Bento] from Maitreya!
⚓ Shape: Catya 2 Shape from Strawberry Signh!
⚓ Skin: Gio [Jamica] from Glam Affair!
⚓ Hair: Imani [Gingers] from Truth @ Uber!
⚓ Make-Up: Somkem if ya Gottem from Shiny Stuffs!
⚓ Eyes: Realistic Mesh Eyes [Passion Blue] from LOBA!
⚓ Tattoo: Lotus Tattoo from Queen of Ink!
⚓ Nails: Cosmic from Alaskametro<3!
⚓ Nose Stud: Nose Stud Set from Xia's Boutique!
⚓ Shorts: Baby Denim Short [Medium Blue] from Eyelure

⚓ Shirt: Shirt Low Cross Top [Pink/Floral Set] from Eyelure!
⚓ Pose: Male Stand #9 from P.O.S.E.!